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Calgary Medical Alarms from Life Assure

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Calgary, Alberta is one of the country’s biggest and most popular cities. Perhaps best known for the Stampede, it was also the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympic Games. With something always happening in the city, it’s a great location for seniors to retire. Unfortunately, many Calgary seniors fail to take advantage of what the city has to offer because they lack the confidence to get out and explore. They are worried they could experience a slip and fall, or have a medical emergency. While these can happen, they can also happen when you are at home. If you do have a fall, seniors can ensure they can get the help they need with medical alert systems from Life Assure.

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Life Assure Medical Alert for Calgary Seniors

Our medical devices are specifically designed for seniors like you. We understand that medical emergencies, and slip and fall events become a greater concern as we age. But, rather than living in fear and worrying about what could happen, having a medical alert system allows you to live independently, knowing that you have around-the-clock access to assistance.

Regardless of the system you choose, you can take peace of mind in knowing that you have a fall detection sensor and can get help with the click of a button. Our system is easier to use than a telephone, and in a time of need, ease of use is of the utmost importance.

That’s right – it’s a risk free purchase with no contracts, you can return it any time, and you will get 24 hours, 7 days per week coverage!

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Most Falls Happen in the Home

While many seniors are concerned about slips and falls outside of the home, especially during the winter months, the truth is that most falls happen in the home and on your property. There is no shortage of places in the home that can be slip and fall hazards. Falls can happen in the bathtub, on a wet floor, on icy front door steps, going up and down the stairs, and even things like carpets, pets, and furniture could all cause a fall. If you live alone or are at home alone when a fall happens, this can be a scary situation.

You can never prevent everything that could cause a fall. Even if you are careful and do everything in your power to make your home as safe as possible, a fall can still happen, and if it does, it’s important to ensure you can get immediate access to assistance.

Whether you fall down or have a medical emergency, our medical alarm ensures you can get help with the click of a button. Our professionals will communicate with you and keep you company while help is on the way. Being proactive about how you react to a fall ensures you can quickly get the medical attention you need – it could even save your life.

For more information about Calgary medical alert systems and how our devices can help you out in case of a slip and fall, or medical emergency, please contact us or request additional information about the Life Assure Medical Alert System.

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