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Barrie Medical
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Barrie Medical Alarms from Life Assure

Life Assure Classic Home Device

Located north of Toronto, Barrie, Ontario is located on the west shore of Lake Simcoe, and it’s a region that is popular for tourism, especially during the summer cottage season. It’s also become a popular location for people to establish roots outside of the GTA, seniors included. It’s an area with no shortage of activities and places to explore, offering seniors the means to live an active and healthy life during their retirement years.

While many seniors and their families worry about their well-being, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is why seniors are now using medical alarms as a way to provide themselves with protection in case of a medical emergency so they can have the peace of mind and confidence to go about their day and enjoy their life worry free. This is what Life Assure medical alarms can offer.

30 Day Risk Free Guarantee!  FREE Activation!  No Hidden Fees!

Life Assure Medical Alert for Barrie Seniors

Life Assure medical alarms are designed to be easy to use. They are literally as simple as 1-2-3. If you experience an emergency situation, all you need to do is:

  1. Push the button on your necklace or pendant
  2. Talk with our customer care professionals through the device
  3. Help is on the way

There is no need to read instruction manuals or fiddle around with new technology. Our medical devices are just as easy to use as a phone – but more convenient and quicker to use.

Don’t allow yourself to be caught in an emergency without the help you deserve. Having a Life Assure medical alarm at home could save your life. Give us a call today to get yours and put your mind at ease!

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, We Have Got You Covered

That’s right – it’s a risk free purchase with no contracts, you can return it any time, and you will get 24 hours, 7 days per week coverage!

Life Assure Classic Home Combo

Additional Features of Life Assure Medical Alert

To ensure seniors get a medical alert device that works for them, we offer three models to choose from – Life Assure Classic Home, Life Assure Total Home, and Life Assure Premium Mobile. Each of these devices comes with the standard features such as two-way voice communication, 24/7 monitoring, excellent quality speakers and sensitive microphones, and fall detection with the use of a pendant.

The premium models offer even more features and functionality. These devices work using a cellular network and are fully functional without a phone line, they are water resistant, and much more. Simply give us a call to learn more about the additional features of Life Assure medical alert products.

The mobile medical alert device is ideal for seniors who are always on the go – it can work virtually anywhere. This means you can take it with you when shopping, visiting family and even on vacation. It goes with you everywhere you go – providing you with maximum protection and the confidence to go through your day worry free.

With a number of products and options to choose from, you will have no trouble finding one that fits your lifestyle and your medical needs. For more information about Barrie medical alert systems, call now – we are always standing by to take your call!

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