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How The System Works

Life Assure's system is a simple three step system, proven to work.

Life Assure Remote Pendants how it works #1 graphic

All of our units come with a water resistant pendant that can be worn as either a necklace or on the wrist. Once the button has been pressed, a wireless signal is sent to your Life Assure Medical Alert station. The base then contacts one of our many monitoring stations and a voice will come on the line to make sure that you’re ok.

Life Assure Classic Device how it works #2 graphic

Within a few seconds after the button has been pressed, one of our trained professionals will be on the line to assist you. The representative will come on the line via the Life Assure Medical Alert unit to determine if you’re ok. If you cannot speak to the representative or they can’t hear you, don’t worry, help will still be on the way.

Life Assure Ambulance Graphic how it works #3 graphic

It really is that easy. You’re Life Assure Medical Alert unit has a microphone that is sensitive enough to hear you around corners and in other rooms within your home, so you don’t have to be in the same room to communicate with our representatives.

Your Life Assure Medical Alert unit can also come with you on vacations or for a long term move or change of residence, just notify our monitoring center, this way you’re covered no matter what.

Don’t allow yourself to be caught in an emergency without the help you deserve. Remember, this button could save your life!

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