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Staying healthy and ensuring you limit your health risks is a very important thing all seniors need to consider. The more you focus on staying healthy and having a plan to deal with health issues, the longer and more enjoyable life you will live. While much of the attention is placed on prevention, and rightfully so, not enough seniors think about what to do during and after a medical emergency. You need to have a plan to call for assistance, and one of the best options is an emergency device for seniors.

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Why You Need an Emergency Device for Seniors

While many of us don’t want to think about what could happen, it is better to be prepared to deal with any situation. Being prepared can help to minimize the effects. Investing in an emergency device for seniors from Life Assure is important for many reasons:

  • You may not be able to get to the phone because of where the emergency happens
  • If you are alone, you may not have access to help right away
  • It gives you the confidence to do the things you enjoy without having to worry about what to do if you need to call for help
  • It takes the pressure off your family members to always be there
  • It provides you with an extra layer of security
  • It allows you to live more comfortably at home
  • You never know when an emergency situation could occur
  • It could save your life!

Our medical alarms solve all of these issues for you. With Life Assure, you will have immediate access to assistance at the click of a button. Plus, if you have a fall and are not able to call for assistance, our fall detection capabilities will immediately put you in contact with our team and help will be on the way. You can never be too careful, and our emergency devices for seniors will give you the added protection you need to confidently enjoy your day.

Most Common Types of Emergencies for Seniors

Every day, seniors experience medical emergencies. Depending on your current health, age, and level of activity, you could be prone to experiencing a medical situation, and even minor ones require immediate medical attention. Some of the most common reasons seniors require medical care include:

  1. Injuries, falls, and accidents
  2. Chest pain and symptoms of heart disease
  3. Complications with medication
  4. Post-surgery/ medical treatment issues
  5. Stroke
  6. Pneumonia/ flu
  7. Effects from pre-existing medical condition

While these are the most common causes of medical emergencies, there are many other situations that could require the need for emergency assistance. Even if you are completely healthy, you never know when you might need help or have a medical issue. An emergency device for seniors can ensure you can get the help you need, when you need it, no matter the cause of your medical emergency.

What Is Your Medical Emergency Plan?

Do you have a medical emergency plan? You are not alone if you don’t. However, having a plan becomes even more important as you get older and the risks increase, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

If you do have a medical emergency plan, does it include a medical alert system? A medical alarm can play a huge role in your ability to get help any time, and it can actually be your medical emergency plan. Whether you start to feel ill, are having medical issues, or take a tumble, if you have a Life Assure medical device, all you need to do is press your button on your pendant or monitoring system, and we can help you get the assistance you need. You can trust that help will be on the way, and we will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Exceptional Medical Alarm Products

We offer a variety of emergency devices for seniors. We have options for all budgets and for all different lifestyles. Here are some of the options for you to consider:

  • Life Assure Classic Home: This is the standard option that works with your landline at home. It is compatible with fall detection, is water resistant, has two-way voice communication and has a range of up to 600 feet.
  • Life Assure Total Home: This option offers all that the Classic option offers with the addition of using cellular technology.
  • Life Assure Premium Mobile: This option is best for seniors who are always on the go. Using GPS, it can be used virtually anywhere, including on vacation.

Each one of these devices works with a wearable pendant or bracelet. Regardless of your current situation, one of these medical alarms will be ideal for your current lifestyle. To learn more about your options or the differences between devices, please contact us anytime. We are happy to answer your questions.

Emergency Device for Seniors Could Save Your Life

The most important reason to consider investing in a medical alarm for yourself or for a family member is that it could save your life. Simply having access to a medical alarm during a medical situation could get help to you that much faster, and sometimes a matter of minutes could be the difference between life and death. For this reason alone, having a medical alarm is worth the investment.

Stop worrying about what to do if an emergency occurs and start focusing on having fun, and doing the things you enjoy with the peace of mind in knowing that if something does happen, you are prepared to deal with it.

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Contact Life Assure Medical Alert for additional information on medical alert devices and systems, and one of our trained representatives can help you by answering your questions.

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