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Your retirement years can be some of the best of your life. You have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, you can enjoy the grandkids, finally travel to places that you have always wanted to visit, and you can enjoy your home to the fullest.

However, as you get a little older, you also become more prone to things like slip-and-falls and medical emergencies, and you may need some extra help around the house. This is just part of life – and part of life that you can prepare for by being proactive.

Don’t wait for something to happen before you take the necessary precautions to protect your health and wellbeing. Be proactive, lower your risk, and ensure you can get the help you need when you need it. Medical alarms provide this and more, and with the simple press of a button.

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Low Cost Medical Alarms

At Life Assure, we understand that your independence is extremely important to you. You want to be able to do the things you want without having to get help or worry about what could happen. Stop worrying about potentially falling or potentially having a medical emergency. To maintain your independence, many seniors are choosing to invest in medical alarms – and when they do, they stop worrying about what could happen and focus on enjoying the present.

One of the main reasons why seniors don’t look into medical alarms is because there is a misconception that they are expensive and complicated to use. Both of these are myths, and the truth is there are actually many low cost medical alarm options to choose from. Plus, they offer you all the key features you need to be safe and enjoy your independence each and every day.

We understand that as a senior, you may be on a tight budget, or you simply don’t want to pay a lot of money for a medical alarm – this is why Life Assure offers low cost medical alarms that will provide you with the peace of mind in knowing you can get emergency assistance without breaking the bank – creating a win-win situation for you.

The Importance of Low Cost Medical Alarms

Living on a fixed budget is a reality for many seniors, and sticking within the budget is important. However, ensuring that you are taken care of, can maintain your independent lifestyle, and get assistance around the clock is difficult to put a price on. We understand this at Life Assure, and we want you to have the best of both worlds. This is why we created an effective and affordable low cost medical alarm for seniors.

Unlike other companies, Life Assure Medical Alert guarantees a low monthly price for the entirety of your service. This ensures you can have access to emergency assistance without having to worry about financial repercussions or limiting your ability to life freely.

Since our medical alarms are cost effective, you can maintain your current quality of living, still doing the thing you enjoy – whether it’s travelling, being active, or visiting family – and do these things with the peace of mind in knowing that if you have a fall or get into trouble, help is only the click of a button away.

Low Cost Medical Alarm Features

Why do so many Canadian seniors choose Life Assure for low cost medical alarms?

  • We don’t sacrifice value: One of the first things many people think about when they hear about low price options is what is missing. People assume low price equals low quality or less value. This isn’t the case at all with Life Assure medical alert devices. Our high end Medical Alert products partnered with our unbeatable customer service make it the best option for Canadian seniors.
  • No hidden costs: Many other brands in the industry may have hidden costs and extra fees associated with the pricing they advertise for their medical alarms. Not with Life Assure! What you see is what you get. The quoted low monthly price is all you will pay to have access to around-the-clock emergency assistance.
  • No contracts: What makes our products even more attractive than being a low cost medical alarm is that you don’t have to sign a long term contract to get the great pricing. In fact, you don’t have to sign a contract at all. If at any time you are not happy with the service we provide for your medical alarm, simply return the equipment and we will stop billing you immediately. Our relationship with our customers, as well as their safety, is always our first priority, and we would never do anything that is not in your best interests.
  • Full warranty on equipment: All our equipment comes with a full warranty for the entirety of your service. This means if something breaks or is not working as it is supposed to, simply return it to us and we will gladly replace it for you. This is just part of the great value you can expect with our medical alarm products and services.

When you break down the costs of our medical alarms, even our premium mobile option, for the price of about a cup of coffee, you can have around-the-clock emergency assistance. This sounds like a worthwhile deal to us! Considering that you will have the ability to be more independent, rely less on others for help and have the confidence to go about your day without worry, choosing to invest in Life Assure low cost medical alarms is a no brainer.

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