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Nanaimo Medical
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Nanaimo Medical Alarms from Life Assure

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Technology has changed the way we can get access to emergency services today. No longer do we only have to call 911 to get assistance. In fact, we can now get access to emergency services in seconds and at the click of a button with medical alarms from Life Assure. No more trying to get to the phone and dialing the phone number. All you need to do is press one button, and you will have immediate access to assistance. You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that help is on the way to your location – providing seniors with the reassurance that they can get help faster and any time they need it.

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Life Assure Medical Alert for Nanaimo Seniors

Life Assure takes pride in being about to offer medical devices and products that help seniors live a more independent lifestyle. Having the ability to go about your day and do the things you enjoy doing without worry adds to your quality of life. Also, installing a medical alert in your home will give your family members peace of mind in knowing that you have access to medical assistance 24 hours per day. Our devices come with two-way communications, high quality speakers, sensitive microphones, and we also offer fall detection, providing you with all the support you need.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, We Have Got You Covered

That’s right – it’s a risk free purchase with no contracts, you can return it any time, and you will get 24 hours, 7 days per week coverage!

Life Assure Classic Home Combo

Protection at the Push of a Button

We understand there are misconceptions about our medical alarms. Many seniors are apprehensive about new technology medical alarms. They didn’t ggrid-x up with it, and they can’t be bothered to learn about it now.

Seniors also know they need to protect themselves, but they are reluctant to invest in tech devices because they fear they are too complicated, difficult to set up, and will have issues using it. While this may be true about some medical devices, it is definitely not true about Life Assure medical alert systems.

Our medical devices are as easy to use as we say. You have access to protection and medical assistance at the push of a button. Our devices were specifically designed to be easy to use and easy to install. If you can use a telephone, then you will have no trouble using our medical devices.

If you have a fall or medical issue, just push the button on the device, pendant, or bracelet, and you will immediate access to our team of representatives, who are more than happy to help. The best part is that you have access to help 24 hours per day. We are always here when you need us!

For more information about Nanaimo medical alert systems, feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to talk with you about any aspect of our device – installation, pricing, use – and answer any questions you have. Join the ggrid-xing number of seniors who are installing medical monitors in their homes. Trust us – they are easier to use than you think, and having one could save your life.

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