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Life Assure Fall Detection Medical Alert
Life Assure Fall Detection Medical Alert

How It Works

You can use your fall detection pendant just like any of our Medical Alert system buttons–simply push the button around your neck and an emergency response operator will be contacted immediately. But with this cutting-edge technology, if you fall and are unable to push your button, you can breathe easy knowing it will automatically contact an operator for you.

The Fall Detection Pendant only takes a few seconds to interpret the movement and determine if an actual fall has occurred. If a fall is determined, the pendant will send a signal to your device, which will initiate a call to the emergency response center, just as if you pressed your button. Remember; always press your button if able, as some falls may not be detectable.

Moreover, the best part is the fall detection pendant is both lightweight and waterproof. Therefore, you can wear it everywhere–even in the shower, where falls are extremely common.

The Fall Detection Pendant will detect MOST falls.

Canceling a False Alarm

Wait until an operator comes on the line and let them know everything is okay.

Testing Your Fall Detection Pendant

Testing Fall Detection will be exactly the same as testing your device normally. Simply push the HELP button and wait for the operator. Let the operator know that you are testing. If you do not inform the operator, help will be dispatched.

If your device can connect to the operator, the Fall Detection is also working. Please DO NOT fake falls or throw your pendant on the floor.


Always press your button if you are able, as some falls may not be detectable.

Important Safety Information
  • Test your system once a month by using your transmitter buttons. If the Fall Detection Pendant light blinks rapidly or is not properly working, Call 1-800-354-5706 for a new Pendant.
  • The signal distance from the Fall Detection Pendant to the device depends on the size, construction and environment in and outside your home.
  • Do not wear your Fall Detection Pendant while sleeping. Please wear your alternate button or keep your pendant near your bed.
  • The lanyard has been designed to breakaway when tugged however; the user can still suffer serious personal injury or death if the cord becomes entangled or stuck on objects.
  • Wear your Fall Detection Pendant at chest level with the emergency button facing forward.
  • Do not wear your Fall Detection Pendant while swimming or in a chlorinated pool.
  • If the pendant is not working properly, the light will appear red when testing. If the light is blinking red, then the device has not yet been programmed.

Setup Instructions
  • Dial the correct combination of numbers on the rolling display.
  • Slide the silver latch button towards the numbers and hold it there.
  • Pull the front of the lockbox open toward you.
  • Insert your key(s) into the lockbox key storage area.
  • If the shackle is closed, slide the shackle release inside the lockbox to the left, while pulling on the shackle.
  • Close the key storage area.
  • Scramble the number dials around on the front of the lockbox.
  • Place the lockbox on the door hanger.

Some locks are stiff when new. If the lock will not open when the correct combination is set, simply press in on the dials to settle them in place.

Changing Your Combination

If you need to change your combination, please call Customer Service for assistance at 1-800-354-5706. Please do not turn the screw or attempt to change combinations without contacting Customer Service.


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