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Life Assure Mobile Device

The Premium Mobile

Life Assure Premium Mobile


Per Month

  • Two- Way Voice Communication
  • No Landline required
  • Can Be Used Virtually Anywhere
  • GPS Can Pinpoint Location
  • Fall Detection Capability
  • Charges Fully Within 4 Hours
  • Water Resistant
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Risk Free Guarantee
  • Monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Two-way Voice

Microphone With
Increased Sensitivity

Excellent Quality

Works On
Cellular Network

GPS Can Pinpoint
Their Exact Location

Fall Detection

Product Description

The Life Assure Premium Mobile is an all-encompassing medical alert device. Featuring instant two-way hands free voice communication directly through the pendant, automatic fall detection capability , and GPS network location services to determine your location, this device allows you to leave the home and still remain protected virtually anywhere at any time. At home, on vacation, or out shopping for the day, the Premium Mobile unit assures that you’re always covered and allows you to keep the independence you deserve.

The Life Assure Premium Mobile Package Includes:

Life Assure Premium Mobile Base

The Premium Mobile base station.

What Are My Billing Options?



Billed monthly at $59.95/month


  • No Long Term contract
  • No Activation Fee
  • Dependable 24/7 Service
  • No Hidden Fees



Billed quarterly at $59.95/month


  • No Long Term contract
  • No Activation Fee
  • Dependable 24/7 Service
  • No Hidden Fees



Billed annually at $54.95/month


  • No Long Term contract
  • No Activation Fee
  • Dependable 24/7 Service
  • No Hidden Fees

Add Ons

Life Assure Lock Box

Lock Box

Our lock box and door hanger allow you to safely store a set of keys outside of your home so that paramedics or emergency contacts can gain entry to help you without damaging a door or window. The security code is stored safely with our monitoring center and provided to your emergency contact if you need help.

How The System Works

Life Assure’s system is is a simple three step system, proven to work.

Our Products Help To Protect You In An Emergency

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order.
If for some reason the product does not meet your needs or If you decide you do not require our services, simply mail the equipment back to Life Assure Medical Alert and you will no longer be charged. We guarantee it.

  • No Contract, Risk Free Guarantee
  • Return Anytime
  • Free Equipment
  • Reliable Service
  • Dependable 24 Hours a day 7 Days a week
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Life Assure 100% Guarantee
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