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Life Assure and Senior Services in Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan seniors can feel safe with Life Assure medical alert units, which can be used all across Canada. So long as you have cell service, the mobile units from Life Assure will help keep you safe. This means peace of mind when living and visiting cities like Regina and Saskatoon. Feel protected even on long drives, travelling the prairies on the Trans-Canada Highway. If you prefer safety at home, you can opt for our home devices as well, which are also available in Saskatchewan.

Other Senior Services offered in Saskatchewan

We at Life Assure have your health in mind as our top priority, so we want to ensure you’re aware of all services available to you in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Provincial Services

Neighbourhood Home Care Services


Regina Senior Citizen’s Centre
North Central Community Association of
Nurse Next Door  

Nurse Next Door is a home care service available in many cities across Canada, including Regina, Saskatchewan. Nurse Next Door provides a range of services, from meal preparation to medication reminders.


SCOA - Saskatoon Council on Aging
Saskatoon Community Clinic
Fit Over 50 Programs  
Bayshore Home Health  

Cities in Saskatchewan with Life Assure Service

Postal Codes

S0A 0A0

S0A 0B0

S0A 0C0

S0A 0E0

S0A 0G0

S0A 0H0

S0A 0J0

S0A 0K0

S0A 0L0

S0A 0M0

S0A 0N0

S0A 0P0

S0A 0R0

S0A 0S0

S0A 0T0

S0A 0V0

S0A 0W0

S0A 0X0

S0A 0Y0

S0A 1A0

S0A 1B0

S0A 1C0

S0A 1E0

S0A 1G0

S0A 1J0

S0A 1K0

S0A 1L0

S0A 1M0

S0A 1N0

S0A 1R0

S0A 1S0

S0A 1V0

S0A 1W0

S0A 1X0

S0A 1Y0

S0A 1Z0

S0A 2A0

S0A 2B0

S0A 2C0

S0A 2E0

S0A 2G0

S0A 2H0

S0A 2K0

S0A 2M0

S0A 2P0

S0A 2R0

S0A 2S0

S0A 2T0

S0A 2V0

S0A 2W0

S0A 2X0

S0A 2Z0

S0A 3A0

S0A 3B0

S0A 3C0

S0A 3E0

S0A 3G0

S0A 3H0

S0A 3J0

S0A 3K0

S0A 3L0

S0A 3N0

S0A 3P0

S0A 3R0

S0A 3S0

S0A 3T0

S0A 3V0

S0A 3W0

S0A 3X0

S0A 3Y0

S0A 3Z0

S0A 4A0

S0A 4B0

S0A 4C0

S0A 4E0

S0A 4G0

S0A 4H0

S0A 4J0

S0A 4K0

S0A 4L0

S0A 4M0

S0A 4P0

S0A 4R0

S0A 4S0

S0A 4T0

S0A 4V0

S0C 0A0

S0C 0B0

S0C 0E0

S0C 0G0

S0C 0H0

S0C 0J0

S0C 0K0

S0C 0L0

S0C 0M0

S0C 0N0

S0C 0P0

S0C 0R0

S0C 0S0

S0C 0T0

S0C 0V0

S0C 0W0

S0C 0X0

S0C 0Y0

S0C 0Z0

S0C 1A0

S0C 1B0

S0C 1C0

S0C 1E0

S0C 1G0

S0C 1H0

S0C 1K0

S0C 1L0

S0C 1M0

S0C 1N0

S0C 1P0

S0C 1R0

S0C 1S0

S0C 1T0

S0C 1W0

S0C 1X0

S0C 1Y0

S0C 1Z0

S0C 2B0

S0C 2C0

S0C 2E0

S0C 2G0

S0C 2H0

S0C 2J0

S0C 2K0

S0C 2L0

S0C 2M0

S0C 2N0

S0C 2P0

S0C 2S0

S0E 0A0

S0E 0B0

S0E 0C0

S0E 0E0

S0E 0G0

S0E 0H0

S0E 0K0

S0E 0L0

S0E 0N0

S0E 0P0

S0E 0R0

S0E 0S0

S0E 0T0

S0E 0V0

S0E 0W0

S0E 0X0

S0E 0Y0

S0E 1A0

S0E 1B0

S0E 1E0

S0E 1G0

S0E 1H0

S0E 1J0

S0E 1K0

S0E 1L0

S0E 1M0

S0E 1P0

S0E 1S0

S0E 1T0

S0E 1V0

S0E 1W0

S0G 0A0

S0G 0B0

S0G 0C0

S0G 0E0

S0G 0G0

S0G 0H0

S0G 0J0

S0G 0K0

S0G 0L0

S0G 0N0

S0G 0R0

S0G 0S0

S0G 0T0

S0G 0V0

S0G 0W0

S0G 0X0

S0G 0Y0

S0G 0Z0

S0G 1A0

S0G 1B0

S0G 1C0

S0G 1G0

S0G 1H0

S0G 1J0

S0G 1K0

S0G 1L0

S0G 1M0

S0G 1N0

S0G 1P0

S0G 1R0

S0G 1S0

S0G 1V0

S0G 1Y0

S0G 1Z0

S0G 2A0

S0G 2B0

S0G 2E0

S0G 2G0

S0G 2H0

S0G 2J0

S0G 2K0

S0G 2N0

S0G 2P0

S0G 2R0

S0G 2S0

S0G 2T0

S0G 2V0

S0G 2W0

S0G 2X0

S0G 2Y0

S0G 2Z0

S0G 3A0

S0G 3B0

S0G 3C0

S0G 3E0

S0G 3G0

S0G 3J0

S0G 3K0

S0G 3L0

S0G 3M0

S0G 3N0

S0G 3R0

S0G 3S0

S0G 3T0

S0G 3V0

S0G 3W0

S0G 3X0

S0G 3Z0

S0G 4A0

S0G 4C0

S0G 4E0

S0G 4G0

S0G 4H0

S0G 4K0

S0G 4L0

S0G 4M0

S0G 4N0

S0G 4P0

S0G 4R0

S0G 4S0

S0G 4T0

S0G 4V0

S0G 4W0

S0G 4X0

S0G 4Y0

S0G 4Z0

S0G 5A0

S0G 5C0

S0G 5E0

S0G 5G0

S0G 5H0

S0G 5J0

S0G 5K0

S0G 5L0

S0G 5M0

S0H 0A0

S0H 0B0

S0H 0C0

S0H 0E0

S0H 0G0

S0H 0K0

S0H 0L0

S0H 0M0

S0H 0N0

S0H 0P0

S0H 0R0

S0H 0S0

S0H 0T0

S0H 0V0

S0H 0W0

S0H 0X0

S0H 0Y0

S0H 0Z0

S0H 1A0

S0H 1B0

S0H 1G0

S0H 1H0

S0H 1J0

S0H 1K0

S0H 1L0

S0H 1M0

S0H 1N0

S0H 1P0

S0H 1R0

S0H 1T0

S0H 1V0

S0H 1W0

S0H 1X0

S0H 1Y0

S0H 1Z0

S0H 2A0

S0H 2B0

S0H 2C0

S0H 2E0

S0H 2J0

S0H 2K0

S0H 2P0

S0H 2R0

S0H 2S0

S0H 2T0

S0H 2V0

S0H 2W0

S0H 2X0

S0H 2Y0

S0H 3A0

S0H 3C0

S0H 3E0

S0H 3G0

S0H 3H0

S0H 3J0

S0H 3K0

S0H 3L0

S0H 3M0

S0H 3P0

S0H 3R0

S0H 3S0

S0H 3T0

S0H 3V0

S0H 3W0

S0H 3X0

S0H 3Z0

S0H 4A0

S0H 4B0

S0H 4C0

S0H 4G0

S0H 4H0

S0H 4J0

S0H 4K0

S0H 4L0

S0H 4M0

S0J 0A0

S0J 0C0

S0J 0E0

S0J 0G0

S0J 0H0

S0J 0J0

S0J 0K0

S0J 0L0

S0J 0M0

S0J 0N0

S0J 0S0

S0J 0W0

S0J 0Y0

S0J 0Z0

S0J 1A0

S0J 1B0

S0J 1C0

S0J 1E0

S0J 1G0

S0J 1H0

S0J 1K0

S0J 1L0

S0J 1M0

S0J 1N0

S0J 1P0

S0J 1R0

S0J 1S0

S0J 1T0

S0J 1V0

S0J 1W0

S0J 1X0

S0J 1Y0

S0J 1Z0

S0J 2A0

S0J 2B0

S0J 2C0

S0J 2E0

S0J 2E1

S0J 2E1

S0J 2G0

S0J 2H0

S0J 2J0

S0J 2K0

S0J 2L0

S0J 2M0

S0J 2N0

S0J 2P0

S0J 2R0

S0J 2S0

S0J 2T0

S0J 2W0

S0J 2X0

S0J 2Y0

S0J 2Z0

S0J 3A0

S0J 3B0

S0J 3C0

S0J 3E0

S0J 3G0

S0J 3H0

S0K 0A0

S0K 0A1

S0K 0A2

S0K 0C0

S0K 0E0

S0K 0G0

S0K 0H0

S0K 0J0

S0K 0M0

S0K 0N0

S0K 0P0

S0K 0S0

S0K 0T0

S0K 0V0

S0K 0W0

S0K 0X0

S0K 0Y0

S0K 0Z0

S0K 1A0

S0K 1B0

S0K 1C0

S0K 1E0

S0K 1G0

S0K 1H0

S0K 1J0

S0K 1K0

S0K 1L0

S0K 1M0

S0K 1N0

S0K 1T0

S0K 1V0

S0K 1W0

S0K 1X0

S0K 1Y0

S0K 1Z0

S0K 2A0

S0K 2A1

S0K 2B0

S0K 2C0

S0K 2E0

S0K 2G0

S0K 2H0

S0K 2J0

S0K 2K0

S0K 2L0

S0K 2M0

S0K 2P0

S0K 2R0

S0K 2S0

S0K 2T0

S0K 2T1

S0K 2V0

S0K 2W0

S0K 2X0

S0K 2Y0

S0K 2Z0

S0K 3A0

S0K 3B0

S0K 3C0

S0K 3E0

S0K 3G0

S0K 3H0

S0K 3J0

S0K 3K0

S0K 3L0

S0K 3N0

S0K 3R0

S0K 3S0

S0K 3T0

S0K 3V0

S0K 3W0

S0K 3X0

S0K 3Y0

S0K 4A0

S0K 4B0

S0K 4C0

S0K 4E0

S0K 4H0

S0K 4K0

S0K 4L0

S0K 4M0

S0K 4N0

S0K 4P0

S0K 4R0

S0K 4S0

S0K 4S1

S0K 4S2

S0K 4T0

S0K 4T1

S0K 4T1

S0K 4V0

S0K 4W0

S0K 4X0

S0K 4Y0

S0L 0A0

S0L 0B0

S0L 0C0

S0L 0G0

S0L 0H0

S0L 0J0

S0L 0K0

S0L 0L0

S0L 0N0

S0L 0P0

S0L 0R0

S0L 0S0

S0L 0T0

S0L 0V0

S0L 0Y0

S0L 0Z0

S0L 1A0

S0L 1B0

S0L 1C0

S0L 1E0

S0L 1H0

S0L 1K0

S0L 1L0

S0L 1M0

S0L 1R0

S0L 1S0

S0L 1S1

S0L 1S2

S0L 1T0

S0L 1V0

S0L 1W0

S0L 1Y0

S0L 1Z0

S0L 2A0

S0L 2C0

S0L 2E0

S0L 2G0

S0L 2H0

S0L 2J0

S0L 2K0

S0L 2L0

S0L 2M0

S0L 2N0

S0L 2P0

S0L 2R0

S0L 2S0

S0L 2T0

S0L 2V0

S0L 2Y0

S0L 2Z0

S0L 3A0

S0L 3B0

S0L 3G0

S0L 3H0

S0L 3J0

S0L 3L0

S0L 3M0

S0L 3N0

S0M 0A0

S0M 0B0

S0M 0C0

S0M 0E0

S0M 0G0

S0M 0H0

S0M 0J0

S0M 0K0

S0M 0L0

S0M 0M0

S0M 0N0

S0M 0P0

S0M 0R0

S0M 0S0

S0M 0T0

S0M 0V0

S0M 0W0

S0M 0X0

S0M 0Y0

S0M 0Z0

S0M 1A0

S0M 1B0

S0M 1C0

S0M 1E0

S0M 1G0

S0M 1H0

S0M 1J0

S0M 1K0

S0M 1L0

S0M 1M0

S0M 1N0

S0M 1P0

S0M 1R0

S0M 1S0

S0M 1T0

S0M 1W0

S0M 1X0

S0M 1Y0

S0M 2A0

S0M 2C0

S0M 2E0

S0M 2G0

S0M 2H0

S0M 2J0

S0M 2K0

S0M 2L0

S0M 2M0

S0M 2P0

S0M 2R0

S0M 2S0

S0M 2T0

S0M 2V0

S0M 2W0

S0M 2Y0

S0M 2Z0

S0M 3A0

S0M 3B0

S0M 3C0

S0M 3E0

S0M 3G0

S0M 3H0

S0N 0A0

S0N 0B0

S0N 0C0

S0N 0E0

S0N 0G0

S0N 0H0

S0N 0J0

S0N 0K0

S0N 0M0

S0N 0N0

S0N 0P0

S0N 0S0

S0N 0T0

S0N 0V0

S0N 0W0

S0N 0X0

S0N 0Y0

S0N 1A0

S0N 1C0

S0N 1E0

S0N 1G0

S0N 1H0

S0N 1L0

S0N 1M0

S0N 1N0

S0N 1P0

S0N 1S0

S0N 1T0

S0N 1V0

S0N 1W0

S0N 1X0

S0N 1Y0

S0N 1Z0

S0N 2A0

S0N 2B0

S0N 2E0

S0N 2G0

S0N 2H0

S0N 2L0

S0N 2M0

S0N 2N0

S0N 2P0

S0N 2R0

S0N 2S0

S0N 2T0

S0N 2V0

S0N 2W0

S0N 2X0

S0N 2Y0

S0P 0A0

S0P 0B0

S0P 0C0

S0P 0E0

S0P 0G0

S0P 0H0

S0P 0J0

S2V 0A1

S2V 1A1

S2V 1A2

S2V 1A3

S2V 1A4

S2V 1A5

S2V 1A6

S2V 1A7

S2V 1A8

S2V 1A9

S2V 1B1

S2V 1B2

S2V 1B3

S2V 1B4

S2V 1B5

S2V 1B6

S2V 1B7

S2V 1B8

S2V 1B9

S2V 1C1

S2V 1C2

S2V 1C3

S3N 0A1

S3N 0A2

S3N 0A3

S3N 0A4

S3N 0A5

S3N 0A6

S3N 0A7

S3N 0A8

S3N 0A9

S3N 0B1

S3N 0B2

S3N 0B3

S3N 0B4

S3N 0B5

S3N 0B6

S3N 0B7

S3N 0B8

S3N 0B9

S3N 0C1

S3N 0C2

S3N 0C3

S3N 0C4

S3N 0C5

S3N 0C6

S3N 0C7

S3N 0C8

S3N 0C9

S3N 0E1

S3N 0E2

S3N 0E3

S3N 0E5

S3N 0E6

S3N 0E8

S3N 0E9

S3N 0G1

S3N 0G2

S3N 0G3

S3N 0G4

S3N 0G5

S3N 0G7

S3N 0G8

S3N 0G9

S3N 0H1

S3N 0H3

S3N 0H4

S3N 0H5

S3N 0H6

S3N 0H7

S3N 0H8

S3N 0H9

S3N 0J1

S3N 0J2

S3N 0J3

S3N 0J4

S3N 0J5

S3N 0J6

S3N 0J7

S3N 0J8

S3N 0J9

S3N 0K1

S3N 0K2

S3N 0K3

S3N 0K4

S3N 0K5

S3N 0K6

S3N 0K7

S3N 0K8

S3N 0K9

S3N 0L1

S3N 0L3

S3N 0L4

S3N 0L5

S3N 0L6

S3N 0L7

S3N 0L8

S3N 0L9

S3N 0M1

S3N 0M2

S3N 0M3

S3N 0M4

S3N 0M5

S3N 0M6

S3N 0M7

S3N 0M8

S3N 0M9

S3N 0N1

S3N 0N2

S3N 0N3

S3N 0N4

S3N 0N5

S3N 0N6

S3N 0N7

S3N 0N8

S3N 0N9

S3N 0P1

S3N 0P2

S3N 0P3

S3N 0P6

S3N 0P7

S3N 0P9

S3N 0R1

S3N 0R3

S3N 0R7

S3N 0R8

S3N 0R9

S3N 0S1

S3N 0S2

S3N 0S3

S3N 0S4

S3N 0S5

S3N 0S6

S3N 0S7

S3N 0S8

S3N 0S9

S3N 0T1

S3N 0T2

S3N 0T3

S3N 0T4

S3N 0T5

S3N 0T7

S3N 0T8

S3N 0T9

S3N 0V1

S3N 0V2

S3N 0V3

S3N 0V4

S3N 0V5

S3N 0V6

S3N 0V7

S3N 0V8

S3N 0V9

S3N 0W1

S3N 0W2

S3N 0W3

S3N 0W4

S3N 0W5

S3N 0W6

S3N 0W7

S3N 0W8

S3N 0W9

S3N 0X1

S3N 0X3

S3N 0X4

S3N 0X5

S3N 0X6

S3N 0X7

S3N 0X8

S3N 0X9

S3N 0Y1

S3N 0Y2

S3N 0Y3

S3N 0Y4

S3N 0Y5

S3N 0Y6

S3N 0Y7

S3N 0Y8

S3N 0Y9

S3N 0Z1

S3N 0Z2

S3N 0Z3

S3N 0Z4

S3N 0Z5

S3N 0Z6

S3N 0Z7

S3N 0Z8

S3N 0Z9

S3N 1A1

S3N 1A2

S3N 1A3

S3N 1A4

S3N 1A5

S3N 1A6

S3N 1A7

S3N 1A8

S3N 1A9

S3N 1B1

S3N 1B2

S3N 1B3

S3N 1B4

S3N 1B5

S3N 1B6

S3N 1B7

S3N 1B8

S3N 1B9

S3N 1C1

S3N 1C2

S3N 1C3

S3N 1C4

S3N 1C5

S3N 1C6

S3N 1C7

S3N 1C8

S3N 1C9

S3N 1E1

S3N 1E2

S3N 1E3

S3N 1E4

S3N 1E6

S3N 1E7

S3N 1E8

S3N 1E9

S3N 1G1

S3N 1G2

S3N 1G3

S3N 1G4

S3N 1G5

S3N 1G6

S3N 1G7

S3N 1G8

S3N 1G9

S3N 1H1

S3N 1H3

S3N 1H4

S3N 1H5

S3N 1H6

S3N 1H7

S3N 1H8

S3N 1H9

S3N 1J1

S3N 1J2

S3N 1J3

S3N 1J4

S3N 1J5

S3N 1J6

S3N 1J7

S3N 1J8

S3N 1J9

S3N 1K1

S3N 1K2

S3N 1K3

S3N 1K4

S3N 1K5

S3N 1K6

S3N 1K7

S3N 1K8

S3N 1K9

S3N 1L1

S3N 1L2

S3N 1L3

S3N 1L4

S3N 1L5

S3N 1L6

S3N 1L7

S3N 1L8

S3N 1L9

S3N 1M1

S3N 1M2

S3N 1M3

S3N 1M4

S3N 1M5

S3N 1M6

S3N 1M7

S3N 1M8

S3N 1M9

S3N 1N1

S3N 1N2

S3N 1N3

S3N 1N4

S3N 1N5

S3N 1N6

S3N 1N7

S3N 1N8

S3N 1N9

S3N 1P1

S3N 1P2

S3N 1P3

S3N 1P4

S3N 1P5

S3N 1P6

S3N 1P7

S3N 1P8

S3N 1P9

S3N 1R1

S3N 1R2

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S3N 1S1

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S3N 1S7

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S3N 1T1

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S3N 1T9

S3N 1V1

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S3N 1V4

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S3N 1V6

S3N 1V8

S3N 1V9

S3N 1W1

S3N 1W2

S3N 1W3

S3N 1W4

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S3N 1W8

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