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Improve Your Quality of Life with a Senior Alert System

Quality of life and access to care are two very important things to consider as you get older. You want to be able to live a high quality life well into your senior years, and one of the ways to accomplish this is to ensure you have access to high quality care and assistance at all times. This is exactly what a senior alert system from Life Assure can offer you and others in your family who want that added source of protection just in case they find themselves in an emergency situation.

Whether you live at home, in an assisted living facility, have mobility issues, medical concerns, or simply live alone and want the added protection, a medical alert system is the perfect option for you.

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You Have Options with the Life Assure Senior Alert System

We know that seniors live many different lifestyles. Some love to spend time at home, others are out and about all the time, and many love to travel. Regardless of your lifestyle, we have a senior alert system that is the perfect fit for you. Choose from one of the following three options:

  1. Life Assure Classic Home – Perfect for people who want the base model
  2. Life Assure Total Home – Same features as the base model, but with the ability to connect through a mobile network
  3. Life Assure Premium Mobile – Ideal for seniors who love to travel. It uses GPS to track your location, allowing you to bring your device with you wherever you travel

Each one of these devices is water resistant, allowing you to wear it in the shower, they come with a fall detection sensor, and you can choose between a wearable necklace pendant or bracelet – providing you with quick access to help at the press of a button.

A Senior Alert System That Does More Than You Think

Life Assure Classic Home

One thing that most people don’t realize about investing in a senior alert system are the intangible benefits you will get from having one in your home. They include:

  • Peace of mind: There is something to be said for having peace of mind in knowing that you have taken steps to protect yourself and have a plan in place to deal with emergency situations.
  • Confidence: Having a medical device alarm provides you with the extra confidence you need to stop living in fear and enjoy each and every day. If something does go wrong, you have a senior alert system you can rely on to get assistance.
  • Independence: The devices we offer here at Life Assure allow you to live a more independent lifestyle. You don’t have to call your family for help, you can live in your own home, and you can spend your time doing what you enjoy, knowing that we have your back should you need help.

Doesn’t this sound like the life you want to be living in your senior years? All it takes is a small investment in our senior alert system, and you could be living the life you have always wanted in no time. You can take back your independence, have peace of mind and the confidence in knowing you have access to help, and you can do the things you love without worry.

3 Simple Steps to Get Emergency Assistance

Getting emergency assistance doesn’t have to be difficult, and we have made it as simple as possible. Once you have your senior alert system installed, all you need to remember is these 3 simple steps:

  1. Push the button: You can press the button on the device base or on your pendant necklace or bracelet to call for help. You will be put in immediate contact with us.
  2. Talk with our customer care professionals: Our professionals will connect with you and communicate with you through the device speaker and microphone. We will connect you with the right person so you can get the help you need.
  3. Help is dispatched to you! If required, we will send help to you. We’ll also stay on the line with you until help arrives.

It’s really that simple to use. No phone number of codes to remember and no new things to learn. If you can use a phone, then you will have no trouble mastering our senior alert system. Ready to buy one? Contact us now and we will help you process your order.

What You Get with the Life Assure Senior Alert System

You get a lot more than just a device when you purchase a senior alert system. Our devices are designed specifically with seniors in mind. This ensures they are easy to use, affordable and they are available for terms that make sense for you. Here are some of the many features you will receive when you purchase a senior alert system from Life Assure:

  • The choice of three device options
  • Fall detection sensors
  • A wearable bracelet or pendant
  • Exceptional customer service
  • No contracts and you can return your device anytime
  • 100% risk free guarantee
  • Free equipment
  • Access to emergency assistance 24/7

If you have questions about any of these features, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to talk with you about your options and help you choose the alert system that makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

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