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How to Find the Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

It is true that you can walk in all shoes. So, what makes walking shoes so special? Walking shoes are shoes that are specifically made for walking long-distance.

Walking shoes give help and comfort. They do not hurt feet when walking far. The shoes use strong stuff to make them last long.

Walking shoes come in a large variety to fit the different needs and preferences of the wearer. This can make picking the best walking shoes for seniors hard.

Are you looking for good shoes to walk in? If you are an older person, this article has tips to help.

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Importance of Having a Good Walking Shoe For Seniors

When we get older, we have less energy for hard exercises and sports. Walking is an easy exercise that is good for our heart and body.

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The only gear you require to walk is walking shoes. Walking shoes can be extremely beneficial for senior citizens. Let us find out.

1. Improves posture

Walking shoes that are properly designed with senior citizens in mind tend to offer superior arch support. It does so to promote optimal coordination between the feet, legs, and hips. This reduces strain on the back and joints, thereby, improving posture.

2. Encourages mobility

The best walking shoes let seniors exercise a lot. The­se shoes help pe­ople who are very old walk all ove­r. Such shoes also foster a sense of independence by keeping them agile.

A good pair of walking shoes for seniors tends to alleviate discomfort and pain caused by age-related conditions.

3. Provides fall resistance

A good walking shoe tends to provide adequate arch and back support, along with cushioning. This helps reduce the risk of falling while walking. These shoes help senior citizens maintain their balance and stability as they provide good grip and traction.

Tips For Choosing the Best Walking Shoes For Seniors

If you are looking to purchase the best walking shoes for seniors then follow these tips-

1. Comfort

The best walking shoes must feel comfortable on the first try. They are not like fancy shoes that need time to break in. You should try the walking shoes in the store before you buy them. Walk around a lot to make sure they feel good on your feet.

The shoes might make your feet swell and hurt. When you try them, you will know if the shoes will make blisters or calluses. You should also look at what the shoes are made of, especially if you will wear them without socks.

2. Cushioning

The way our feet hit the ground when we walk can put stress on our feet, ankles, calves, and back. This is why walking shoes have soft cushions inside them. Cushioning tends to absorb the shock made by the impact of walking.

So, while looking for a pair of walking shoes for seniors opt for a pair with extra cushioning. You can even consider buying removable insoles for proper arch support. This ensures a pain-free walking experience for elders who suffer from flat feet.

3. Shoe Fit

The best shoes for seniors should not be too tight as they can exacerbate conditions like arthritis and fungal infections. You must look for shoes that have a lot of space in the front area. This lets your feet swell without feeling crammed in the shoe.

Good shoes must not be loose or tight. Trying shoes with socks is best. The toes need room to move. The heel must not slip out. Feet swell later so leave some space.

It is important to get the right shoe size if your feet often swell up. You should measure your feet when they are swollen. That way, you can find shoes that fit your feet even when swollen.

4. Materials Used

For older adults, the top choice for footwear should be walking shoes. These use light stuff that is easy to breathe through and strong. The materials let air move around the foot.

The shoes must have stuff that lets air move in and out. This helps stop feet from getting big and wet. Also, the shoes need to be made from things that are easy to clean.

5. Slip Resistant

Many seniors­ need shoes that ke­ep them from slipping or falling. When we­ get older, we are­ not as good at standing up straight. This makes seniors trip or fall down more­ often.

A stable shoe that provides a good grip on different surfaces helps maintain balance and stability. So, you must opt for walking shoes for seniors that clearly mention non-slip or rubber soles.

6. Easy To Put On and Take Off

It can be hard for many seniors to bend down to tie their shoes. Bending like that can hurt their back. It can also make it more likely for them to fall down. That is why lots of seniors choose shoes that are easy to put on and take off.

Foot and Health Conditions To Consider Before Purchasing Walking Shoes For Seniors

Before purchasing walking shoes for seniors, you must take into consideration the following conditions-

1. Arthritis

Arthritis in the feet can limit mobility due to pain and stiffness. So, you must look for a pair of walking shoes that have room to accommodate swelling. Additionally, the materials from which the shoes are made must be breathable and flexible.

2. Foot Deformities

Food deformities such as bunions, bent toes, and claw toes develop as we grow older. Seniors with such foot deformities must wear shoes that are stretchable and have wide-toe boxes.

3. Fungal Infections

If you get fungus infections a lot, you should get shoes made of materials that let air in. Light stuff that breathes is good. It lets air move around and absorbs sweat fast. The shoes must be washable in the machine too. This stops fungus from growing and spreading.

4. Recent Surgery

If you had hip or knee surgery, shoes with good grip are important. The shoes need soft part inside for comfort. Older people must be very careful when moving around after big surgery like this.

5. Osteoporosis

Weak bones due to osteoporosis put senior citizens at an increased rate of fractures in the feat. The best walking shoes to combat this are those with ample cushioning and arch support.


You can purchase a great pair of shoes by following tips like prioritizing comfort, having adequate cushioning, and checking the materials. Be sure to also consider your health and foot conditions. If you are looking to keep active with walking but concerned about falls, also consider a medical alert system to help keep you safe and provide peace of mind.


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