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What Can I Do If I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up?

Accidents are simply inevitable at times when circumstances turn strange. You may often get into a situation and realize, "I've fallen and I can't get up." This can happen despite your numerous attempts to stay safe, so it is not your fault.

It can happen on a slippery surface, at times when you lose your balance or due to a medical condition. You need to know what you should know when you have fallen for your safety and health. Learn how a Life Assure medical alert system can keep you safe in 3 simple steps by reading our How It Works page.

Even when you have fallen down and cannot seem to get up, you can still do something. We will tell you how as you read further.

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I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up - What Can Happen?

Realizing "I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” can really test your patience, but it is important to remain calm. Here are some risks when experiencing a fall, along with the importance of quick action:

Risks When Experiencing A Call

Physical damage can be a serious consequence if you fall and cannot get up. Here are the most likely consequences of falls:

● Higher risk of getting sores due to prolonged immobility. This is especially evident when you are not able to change position when you want to. Pressure sores or bedsores can form in the areas of pressure, a sign of tissue damage and infection.

● Falls where you are unable to get up can result in increased vulnerability where you are not able to access water and food for prolonged durations. When you are not able to move around, you are more likely to suffer from dehydration and malnutrition, something that only worsens your well-being after a fall.

● If you are already going through medical issues like arthritis and respiratory problems, the immobility brought about by a fall can deprive you of the medication you require. Your symptoms can worsen, and complications may arise.

● Falls can cause distress and helplessness. The worry of falling and being unable to get up can affect your mental well-being. You may even get anxious and depressed.

● Not being able to get up can have far-fetched complications for your physical health. You may even develop blood clots in pressured areas or contract pneumonia without timely medical intervention.

Importance Of Quick Action

Acting in a cognizant way after a fall is important to minimize your risk of incurring damage and injuries. Time is of great importance when I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up. Remain calm throughout and take calculated steps to ensure your safety.

I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up - What Can I Do?

In cases where I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, do not lose hope. Doing so can prevent you from taking the necessary steps to safeguard yourself. Here are some things you can do in case you have fallen down:

Stay Calm To Assess Situation

The first step is to remain calm before doing anything else. Understand your situation, and see if you have gotten any injuries.

Pinpoint the areas where you feel pain and see if there are any other harmful sharp or hot surfaces nearby. This shall help you single out ways to stand up and get help.

Make Attempts To Get Up

Try to find strength within yourself to recover from a situation of I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up. See if you can push yourself up with either your hands or some object lying around you.

Some people get up, pushing themselves up while holding onto a sofa, table, or chair. You can also find other supportive and strong objects around you, like handles of doors or railings of stairs.

Use Assistive Devices

If you use mobility assistance tools like a cane, walker, or wheelchair, make sure to keep them in various risky corners of your house so you can get up faster. These can help minimize the consequences of the fall.

Call For Help

A medical alert system from Life Assure is essential when it comes to calling for help. If you find yourself alone, our medical alert systems can get you into contact with a medical alert representative immediately and have help sent your way as soon as possible.

Keep An Emergency Alert Device In Reach

You can use the medical alert device at home so medical professionals can dispatch help. Even if you are not able to speak, you can press the button on the device to be assured that help is on its way.

Preventive Measures After A Fall

Now that you understand the potential risks of falling, you can take steps to ensure you do not fall down again or at all. Here are some preventive measures to implement:

Removing Tripping Hazards In Rooms

Find areas and objects in your house that can potentially trip you. Look out for loose rugs, cluttered items, and electrical cords in the rooms. Clear everything out to make your house safer.

Installing Handrails And Grab Bars Around The House

Never find yourself in despair during situations where you have fallen and cannot get up again by installing reliably strong handrails or grab bars around the house.

These may be simple fixtures, but they can significantly increase your chances of being able to get up by yourself without help when you have fallen. You can install these in risky areas like bathrooms, hallways, staircases, and bedrooms to find support while moving around.

Exercising To Improve Strength And Balance

Just installing grab bars or handrails will not cut it; you also need to engage in light exercises that strengthen your arms and legs. This is so you can pull yourself up when you grab the handrails. Furthermore, engage in walking regularly and doing yoga poses to maintain your balance.


I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up. It can be both what you think out of helplessness and what you use as a way to call upon help on time. Falls demand great courage from you to remain calm and only take calculated steps that will help you address your situation.

Make your home safer for yourself, and remember that, with a medical alert system from Life Assure, help is available when you need it.


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