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Best Memory Games for Seniors for Mental Wellness

Looking after seniors requires looking after both their physical health and emotional wellness. Promoting mental wellness is important for seniors to feel positive growth in their life.

While mental wellness can be managed by visits to doctors and activities like spending time outdoors, there are also other ways of looking after their wellness. A medical alert system from Life Assure is one way to help mental health by promoting peace of mind in every day life.

Another such way to manage mental wellness is to practice memory games. These games come with their own benefits and are an exciting choice to help seniors keep their memory sharp and keep a positive outlook on life.

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Why are memory games a must for seniors?

To answer the question of why memory games are a must for seniors, we can say that the answer lies in the question itself. This is because they help strengthen memory function and retain normal brain activity.

With age, many elderly lose their memory power, which can manifest in forgetfulness, losing their way, and confusion. Although it is important to address these issues with solutions such as medical alert devices, memory games can also help as a means to manage memory loss as well.

However, if memory games for seniors are used aptly, they can help prevent the collapse of memory functions. Here are a few outlined reasons why memory games are so beneficial for seniors:

Enhanced Cognitive Functioning

Memory games stimulate various parts of the brain. All these parts are responsible for memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. So, if seniors engage regularly with these games, it can lead to improved cognitive functioning.

Delaying Cognitive Decline

As we have said, aging often accompanies a decline in cognitive abilities. However, memory games can help delay this decline by providing mental stimulation.

This is crucial for maintaining brain health, and memory games are also quite successful in preventing conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Promoting Social Interaction

Many memory games for seniors are designed to be played in groups or pairs. This encourages social interaction and connection. Since seniors often live alone or are separated from their immediate family, social engagement is a must for them.

It is essential for emotional well-being. It will contribute to a sense of belonging. They may feel that they have a purpose in their lives again.

Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem

With age, seniors may feel they are losing out on life. This can also manifest in lower self-confidence. It isn't uncommon, hence, to see so many elders going into a shell. However, completing memory games can reverse this effect.

It can help bring in a sense of accomplishment, hence confidence. And as we know, renewed confidence is essential to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Creating Enjoyable Routine

Having elements of fun to break the dailiness of life is needed by all irrespective of age. This is true for seniors too.

Hence, incorporating memory games into seniors' routines can add a fun element to their lives. It will also provide them with a recreational activity that is both mentally stimulating and enjoyable.

Best memory games for seniors

Now that we know the advantages of memory games for seniors, we will list out some of the best memory games seniors can play and enjoy. These games may be played solo or in group but they will help contribute to fortifying their memory.


This is a game that is universally loved by all. Even children can play sudoku, which has been beneficial in improving memory functions. Hence, seniors are no exception. This logical and numerical puzzle is hence for all ages, and seniors can particularly enjoy it.

Solving sudoku may seem like a challenge, but the thrill of it can provide a sense of mastery. Moreover, they can be played solo and don’t need any extra company. They will be able to invest hours to solve it and also stay busy.

Jigsaw Puzzle

We often underestimate the power of jigsaw puzzles and treat them as a childish game. However, they hold a lot of potential to improve cognitive functions like visual memory, reasoning, logical sequencing, etc.

Also, the sheer visual nature of it can bring out the inner child in people. Senior people can also enjoy them as these games can help break the monotony of their lives.


Another game that is played quite often in care homes for seniors is Bingo. Since it can be played in groups, it also brings social engagement with it. Therefore, seniors can come out of loneliness.

It also improves memory function as Bingo is known to improve mental wellness and functions such as sight, touch, and hearing. They are also quite fun and engaging to play and boost one memory power.

Crossword Puzzles

The next on our list of memory games for seniors is crossword puzzles. These innovative games will never get seniors bored as they help trigger our memory by recalling words. These games also tap into one’s knowledge.

Moreover, the clues can make seniors feel like they are on a specific purpose. Solving these puzzles can hence surely make them feel fulfilled.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are a fun way for seniors to test their knowledge and memory recall. These games typically involve answering questions. Also, they can be played across various topics such as history, geography, pop culture, and more.

Seniors can play trivia games in groups or individually, too. This will help foster social interaction and mental stimulation. And trivia games are also available in plenty. There are both physical and digital formats. Hence, seniors will have plenty of options to explore and enjoy.

Memory Match

Memory match games involve flipping cards to reveal pictures or numbers and then trying to find matching pairs.

This game not only enhances memory but also improves concentration and attention to detail. Seniors can play memory match games alone or with others, making it a versatile and enjoyable activity.


In conclusion, memory games for seniors offer invaluable benefits, including enhanced cognitive functioning, delayed cognitive decline, social interaction promotion, boosted confidence, and enjoyable routine creation.

With diverse options like Sudoku, Bingo, and trivia, seniors can engage in stimulating activities that enrich their mental well-being and quality of life. Hence, it is recommended that every senior indulge in a memory game or two.

If you or a loved one experience memory issues or other mental wellness issues, it may also be a good idea to invest in a medical alert system from Life Assure to enhance your life with safety and peace of mind. Learn how a Life Assure medical alert system can protect you in 3 simple steps by visiting our How It Works page.


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