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Top 10 Chair Exercises for Seniors

Chair exercises for seniors are one of the best ways of staying healthy, active, and physically fit during old age. These are moderately challenging yet highly beneficial, minimizing risks of age-related illnesses. Seniors often face medical troubles, but the right exercises help a lot. Chair workouts don't need too much effort or special equipment. If you're elderly or know someone who is, chair exercises offer great benefits. This blog highlights the best chair exercises for seniors. Continue reading to learn how a chair exercises can help improve your balance and help protect you in addition to your medical alert device.

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Why should senior citizens consider chair exercises?

There are numerous advantages to chair exercises that can benefit seniors, particularly with improving flexibility and balance. If balance is something you are concerned about, read our Buying Advice page for some additional tips on how to stay protected.

The most prominent benefits of chair exercises for seniors are as follows:

Induces more flexibility

Lack of physical flexibility in the body is a major problem of old age. Your joints and ligaments tend to become less flexible as you age. Seated chair exercises are highly beneficial to combat such problems.

Seniors frequently practicing chair exercises can have increased flexibility in their tendons, joints, and ligaments.

Improves muscle and bone health

With advancing years, the bones and muscles in our bodies naturally become weaker. But, you can regain that lost strength without strenuous effort by doing chair exercises for seniors.

Simpler movements from a seated posture allow rebuilding muscle and bone mass. So even as aging progresses, these easy exercises maintain better fitness levels

10 best chair exercises for seniors

The most helpful chair exercises for older people are the following:

1. Neck stretches

Neck muscles and shoulder joints get a boost from these chair exercises for seniors. Sit upright, incline your head towards the right shoulder - as far as you can - keeping that pose for 30 seconds. Repeat the process left side for effective outcomes.

2. Upper body twist

This exercise helps combat upper back pain and induces better flexibility. Sit on the chair with both legs on the side and cross your arms to maintain support.

After this, bend your whole body to the left side by twisting it gently. Once you completely twist your body to the left side, hold the pose for 5 to 10 seconds and then change the direction.

3. Arm raises

Arm raises are one of the most beneficial chair exercises for seniors. Arms gain in strength by doing this exercise. Muscles get stronger. Simple daily tasks like cleaning, cooking, and lifting become easier.

Sit straight in your chair for this arm move. Raise your right arm high overhead, hold it still a bit, and then repeat with your left arm.

4. Rowing

Rowing in a chair can improve the functioning of upper body muscles in senior people. Sit straight on the chair comfortably and place your arm in front of the chest.

Then, pull it back to your side in such a way that it remains by your elbow. Keep repeating the process simultaneously for both the arms for 10 to 20 times.

5. Seated Calf Raises

It will greatly tighten and impart strength to the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles for better physical activity during old age. To perform this exercise, sit on a tall sturdy chair and keep your feet flat on the ground. Then, start to lift your foothills and hold them for some time.

6. Knee extension

It is another very efficient chair exercise for seniors that can work incredibly to strengthen your leg muscles. To perform this exercise, the person should sit firmly at the edge of the chair and hold it for extra support.

Then, simply stretch the left knee forward and hold it for 1 to 2 minutes. Follow the same procedure for the right leg. Keep repeating this procedure simultaneously for 10 to 20 times, depending upon your capacity.

7. Seated marching

It is one of the most effective chair exercises for seniors that induces better mobility by improving the movement of the hip joint.

To perform this exercise, you will need to sit on the chair and lift your feet up and down similar to walking at a moderate pace. This exercise is great to help older people with daily life activities such as climbing stairs.

8. Seated Knee-to-Elbow exercise

It is also one of the most popular chair exercises for seniors. By strengthening the muscles of the lower body, it promotes better abdominal health.

Place yourself on a chair and start by touching your right elbow with your left knee. Next, repeat the same procedure with the alternative elbow and knee.

9. Chair Mini-squats

Mini-squats are performed to keep the health of the hip under supervision. This exercise can greatly help senior people walk around and sit easily without experiencing pain.

For this chair exercise, start by lifting your body to the chair, performing squats, and sitting on the chair when you're done instead of reaching the ground. Repeat this exercise as much as your body permits.

10. Seated Forward Roll-ups

Are you looking for chair exercises for seniors useful in improving the flexibility of the spinal cord? You can try practicing forward roll-ups.

All you have to do is sit firmly on a chair as straight as possible and try to touch your chin with your chest by bending forward. Roll back to your original position once you feel you can no longer bend forward.

Tips to follow for chair exercises for seniors

Tips to follow for chair exercises for seniors

  • ● When choosing a chair for chair exercises for seniors, always ensure that the one with the most reliability is selected. The chair should be sturdy enough to provide complete support to the body.
  • ● Choosing a flexible chair can help the seniors twist and turn easily during the exercise session. With a flexible exercise chair, they will not be required to carry or turn the whole chair since it will require a lot of energy.
  • ● Never tire yourself completely during the exercise session or overdo it. Always start with short sessions and pay heed to your body's call.


The chair exercises for seniors are muscle-strengthening activities and can be incredibly beneficial to combat common health issues in seniors.

However, it is important to keep in mind that balance exercises, such as chair exercises, are only one step to improving your health and safety. Consider a medical alert system from Life Assure to enhance both your health and your fitness journey as you practice chair exercises.


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