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The Role of Fiber for Seniors Diets

Fiber is a type of carb originating from plants. Our bodies cannot digest fiber fully. But fiber helps us digest food better. Fiber is very good for our health. It does many good things for the body.

The role of fiber in seniors is very important. Want to learn more about this vital component of seniors' diets? This blog is your comprehensive guide!

Discover the wealth of health benefits that different types of fiber can bring to senior citizens. This blog is your gateway to understanding the positive impact of fiber on your health!

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The types of fiber

There are primarily two types of fibers: soluble and insoluble. However, the role of fiber does not change according to its category. These are the following types of fibers:

Soluble fiber

Soluble fibers are fibers that take in water. During the process of digestion, these fibers take up water. This makes the stools heavier. So it is easier to pass stools from the body. Different veggies, fruits, and beans are rich sources of soluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber

Compared to soluble fibers, insoluble fibers do not absorb any water for digestion. However, they are useful for moving stools down the body as well. Food items such as seeds, brown rice, corn, etc., can be categorized under insoluble fibers.

The role of fiber in senior's diets

This is how fiber can influence a senior person's diet. Check out the major health benefits of fiber for seniors:

1. Induces normal bowel movement

Fibers induce a normal bowel movement in aged people is immense. It readily makes the size and weight of stools bigger and heavier. It also makes it soft enough to pass out of the body easily. Also, if you are suffering from loose stools or frequent bowel movements, fiber can greatly help solidify the stools.

Seniors can eat fiber to help their bowels work well. Eating lots of fiber can stop colon cancer and piles. So, seniors should eat fiber because it helps digest food better, too.

2. Reduces cholesterol levels

With aging, your body develops severe complications. This is because of the excessive consumption of carbohydrates. The increase in cholesterol levels becomes a significant problem.

However, eating foods with adequate soluble fiber can make your cholesterol levels go down. Beans, oats, and flaxseeds are good food with soluble fiber. They help lower bad cholesterol. Eating lots of soluble fiber foods makes your heart healthier.

3. Regulates blood sugar levels

Nowadays, diabetes has become a common problem. In this condition, your body has too much sugar in the blood. But you can control your blood sugar by eating foods with lots of fiber.

It readily absorbs the excessive sugar accumulated in the blood. Both soluble and insoluble fibers can help with blood sugar regulation.

4. Induces a healthy body weight

Often, senior people are at a greater risk of developing excessive weight. To prevent that, they should avoid food items rich in carbs and fats. This is because they contribute to an increase in the body's weight.

Do not eat foods that make you hungry fast. Instead, eat foods with fiber, like fruits and veggies. High-fiber foods have fewer calories, and they help you stay full for a long time, which helps you maintain a healthy body weight.

The best tips for Increasing fiber intake

Let us help you out. Here we have curated an organized list of steps you can follow to increase your fiber intake:

Start with small portions

Consuming a lot of fiber at once can lead to unnecessary health complications. Hence to fruitfully experience the goodness of fiber in the body ensure to start with small portions.

Stay hydrated

Staying adequately hydrated is essential for increasing the body's fiber intake. It helps the fiber move throughout the body appropriately.

So, it helps with better digestion. So to increase your daily fiber intake, try drinking appropriate quantities of water.

Make healthy eating habits

Fiber is very important for the body. To get more fiber, eat more green vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, grains, and cereals. These foods are high in fiber.

Do not eat too many foods with carbs or fat. These foods can make digestion hard. Eating more fiber helps the body stay healthy. Fiber keeps the digestive system working well.

Try out fiber supplements

If you are already consuming a healthy fiber-rich diet but cannot see the positive impact on your body, considering supplements can help. However, you should only take supplements by consulting your health specialist

Are you having trouble organizing a perfect diet chart rich in fiber? Let us help you figure out what you need to keep in your diet and whatnot! The following food items are enriched with good quantities of fiber:


These are the types of legumes rich in fiber content:

● Lentils

Lentils are one of the best sources of fiber. They also contain proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants.

● Beans

Edamame, kidney beans, and soybeans are some of the best varieties of beans for their high fiber content.


You can find the maximum fiber content in these vegetables. Consume them to increase your fiber intake:

● Green peas

If you want to enhance your diet with increased fiber, green peas are readily available. You can add the vegetable to salads and soups.

● Carrots

Apart from great quantities of beta carotene, carrots are a rich hub to fiber content as well. So, consuming carrots daily can make your body receive more fiber.


The following are the fruits containing fiber content. To induce the positive effects of fiber in your body, these are the fruits you can consume:

● Berries

You can find rich quantities of fiber in berries such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

● Apples

Apples contain pectin fiber which is highly useful in keeping cholesterol under control. Pectin is also responsible for maintaining the health of arteries.

● Avocado

If you include avocado in your daily diet, you can get adequate supplies of antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins.

Final words

Now that you know the incredible role of fiber in seniors’ diets, ensure to include it in appropriate quantities to take advantage of the benefits.

You should go see your doctor if you are already sick. Your doctor can tell you if eating food with fiber is okay. Your doctor will help keep you safe while letting you get the good things fiber gives.

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