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Recommended Core Exercises for Seniors for Health and Flexibility

Are you looking for the best core exercises for seniors? Core exercises help senior people stay healthy and flexible. They train the muscles around the torso. This blog provides a list of recommended core exercises to assist with flexibility.

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Why seniors should perform core exercises?

Here's a comprehensive list of advantages you can avail by engaging in core exercises best for seniors:

Pain relief

As one ages, minor discomfort in various bodily regions becomes a regular occurrence. Nevertheless, exercises aimed at strengthening the core musculature can effectively mitigate the overall levels of bodily pain one experiences.

As these exercises boost the strength of the core muscles, the pain gets suppressed gradually.

Better balance

With advancing years, the bones and muscles in our bodies naturally becomOne of the greatest benefits of engaging in core exercises is improved body balance. Due to the onset of old age, often people suffer from degraded body balance, resulting in frequent falls and injuries.

If you are concerned about balance, consider learning more about Life Assure medical alert systems by reading our Buying Advice page. A medical alert system can help protect you in the event of falls and keep you safe while you exercises to improve your balance.

Enhanced posture

One of the major problems you might encounter in old age is slouching posture. If your core muscles remain weak and you slouch down, your posture will be greatly affected. So, if you practice the best core exercises daily, you can develop strong core muscles.

The best core exercises for seniors

The following are the core exercises that seniors can follow for impressive results:

Seated Dead Bug

Though this exercise comes with a peculiar name, the health benefits of performing this fitness exercise are plenty. This exercise greatly stimulates the upper and lower abdomen muscles, thereby increasing their flexibility.

As you age, the flexibility of your abdomen muscles may decrease due to a lack of stimulation. However, performing seated dead bugs is one of the best core exercises for adults.

You can perform this exercise either using a chair or without it according to your preference.

If you wish to perform seated dead bugs using a chair, use a strong one to prevent any mishaps. Next, sit straight on the chair, holding a firm back, and use your core to raise your right arm and left leg simultaneously.

Repeat the same procedure for the left arm and right leg. Repeat this procedure simultaneously with both the arms and legs for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

If you wish to perform this health exercise without a chair, lie down straight on your back and lift your right arm and left leg in synchronization using only your core muscles.

Seated Forward Roll-Ups

This core exercise helps restore aged people’s health and flexibility. It is great for strengthening the upper and lower belly.

To perform this useful exercise for senior citizens, all you need is a sturdy chair. Sit on the chair firmly and extend your heels away from you.

However, your feet should be inclined towards you. In this way, you will form the best position to induce a bit of tension in your muscles, efficiently boosting flexibility.

For the next step, extend your arms towards your feet and hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds. Once you can no longer hold the position, return to your original position.

The Bridge exercise

Are you looking for core exercises for seniors that can greatly boost your body's flexibility? Then the bride exercise can be the perfect fitness solution for you. Although it requires much harder work than other exercises, it has considerable health benefits.

The initial action for doing this exercise is to lie flat. You put your feet on the ground. Then, tighten your core and use hands to lift. Your body will form an arch like a bridge shape.

You can perform it at least four to five days a week for better results. Even so, seeking advice from a qualified healthcare professional regarding this exercise's suitability would be wise.

Wood Chops

Seniors can perform a different type of physical activity without lying down or sitting. You can do this exercise standing on the ground. However, you will need an object such as a water bottle to perform this core exercise.

Initiate with your legs apart, grasping the bottle firmly. Bend leftward, pausing momentarily. Inhale deeply, repeating rightward. This is simplicity itself, yet tremendously beneficial.

Keep switching sides like this for at least 10 minutes. Being one of the greatest core exercises for aged people, it can help you regain your body's lost flexibility.

Moderate Planks

Planks are one of the most effective core exercises for people of any age. They greatly help strengthen the body's core muscles and promote better mobility. By engaging in moderate planks, seniors can contract their arms, shoulders, and core.

However, performing this exercise will require greater body strength. So, proceed only if you are not suffering from any underlying health condition and feel strong enough to do it.

To perform moderate planks, lie down on the ground on your knees and arms. Maintain a stiff body posture and move up and down, supporting your elbows. Repeat the procedure for at least 8 to 10 times in a row.

What should be the frequency of performing core exercises?

Before you start performing core exercises, learning about their frequency can benefit you greatly. Since it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to boost the strength of the core muscles, regular practice can contribute greatly to the betterment of the body's overall health.

However, you can also build up a weekly practice routine. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, as performing core exercises too much can negatively affect your health.

If you would like to get started on core exercises to improve your balance but are looking for some added protection while doing so, we recommend getting a Life Assure medical alert system. This will allow you to call for help in the event of any emergency so you can exercise with peace of mind.

Final words

Core exercises for seniors have many health benefits and induce better body flexibility, so you can opt to practice them right away!

However, if you have any persisting health issues, the best thing you can do is to consult your health specialist before engaging in these fitness activities.


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