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The Best Balance Exercises for Seniors

It's obvious that with age our physical and mental agility may not remain the same as it was in our prime. As we grow with age, one of the very first abilities that we start losing control over is our balance. This can happen due to several reasons like deteriorating motor functions or simply because of age. Many elders grapple with this issue and can find it challenging to say the very least. However, there is always a solution at hand, such as balance exercises under expert supervision or controlled self-practice. So balance exercises for seniors can target numerous aging problems and can improve factors like stature, maintaining balance, and walking without falling or tripping.

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Why Do Seniors Need to Practice Balance Exercise?

Since we have already broached the topic of balance exercises for aged people, here is what you should know concerning the fact as to why every senior must start practicing balance exercises. These are the reasons every senior and their loved ones must understand:

It prevents seniors from falling

By starting balance exercises early, seniors can help maintain their walking ability without any stumbles or falls. It will help keep their stability and prevent them from tripping in places like stairs, which can evidently be fatal at times. Thus by increasing muscular and brain coordination, balance exercises will help seniors from falling.

Improves Posture

Good posture is essential for balance. It can help prevent strain on muscles and joints. And balance exercises have proven to be useful in improving posture. Therefore, balance exercises that focus on proper alignment can help seniors maintain better posture. It also reduces the risk of back pain or similar issues.

Brain Health

Some balance exercises require concentration and focus. Now this can help stimulate cognitive function and improve brain health. Moreover, with proper balance exercise, researchers have found that it can reduce the chance of cognitive decline.

Strengthens Muscles

Balance exercises for seniors often involve using muscles throughout the body. This includes those in the legs, core, and back. So balance exercises target these muscles overall. Doing this improves a person’s overall stability and strength. Hence, it becomes easier to perform daily tasks. Tasks and activities like walking, climbing stairs, and even lifting objects won’t be a hassle anymore.

7 Best Balance Exercises for Seniors

What are the best exercises that seniors must practice to enhance their balance? Below we have mentioned some of the significant ones.

1. Single Leg Stance

First on our list is the single-leg stance. It is one of the beginner-friendly balance exercises for adults and is easy to follow. Hence, as its name suggests, all you have to do is stand on one leg, You can do this for 30 seconds at the beginning. Then, once 30 seconds are complete, you switch to the other leg. With time, seniors can gradually increase the duration and this will prove beneficial to improve stability and help prevent muscle weakness. Elders will also see fewer chances of falling with this exercise.

2. Heel-Toe Walk

These balance exercises are very effective when it comes to showcasing results. In this exercise, the senior must walk in a straight line. The only condition is that the heel of one toe must be placed directly in front of the toes of the other foot. Daily practice of this will help seniors have improved coordination and balance. Doctors have also found out that it helps maintain good posture in seniors and the likelihood of falling over stairs also decreases drastically.

3. Standing Leg Lifts

These lifts are very essential if the senior is looking to improve balance within a short period. However, we must recommend using a chair as a support at the beginning of this exercise. What you can do is stand behind a chair at first. Then lift one leg at the side holding the chair and keep it in that position for some time. Next, repeat the same with the other leg. You must also lift the leg straight to gain the maximum benefits.

4. Yoga

The benefits and results of yoga are always highly spoken of. Since so many people have taken to yoga all over the world, it isn’t surprising that yoga can indeed do wonders. Seniors too can benefit from doing these slow-paced yoga poses as they can help achieve balance and stability in movement in daily life. A yoga guru can also be there to help one out and pace the right strategy for better results. Moreover, yoga not only improves balance but can also help reduce other physical conditions and help elders live healthy and normal lives.

5. Tai-Chi

Just like we have talked about the wonders of Yoga, Tai Chi also deserves a special place on our list of the best balance exercises for aged people. This ancient Chinese practice is all about the flow of your body in easy and slow movements. They help improve balance and flexibility in people since they are easy to follow. Thus, they can be a lifelong practice for many people.

Elders have significantly benefited from Tai Chi, reporting how they have achieved better balance overall.

6. Balance Equipment

Since balance exercises are diverse and unique in themselves, there are some forms of exercise that make use of balance equipment for better exercising methods and controls. This can include using balance boards, wobble boards, etc. They are also pretty fun to use as they can seem more like an engaging activity rather than a tedious means of exercise.

7. Seated Leg Lifts

Just like standing leg lids, there are also seated leg lifts for seniors who have less capability of movement. All that is needed to do is to sit on a chair and practice lifting one leg for 30 seconds and then the other. While this may seem like a less effective option compared to standing lifts, they are still known to help with improving brain and muscle coordination as well as balance.


So that was all about the essential balance exercises for seniors that they can practice depending on their age and ability. Each of these methods is a unique option and can help improve overall balance. And with improved balance comes renewed confidence, helping seniors live a positive and confident life, that is visible in every step they take.

Remember to keep yourself safe while you exercise to improve your balance. Consider a Life Assure medical alert system to keep you safe in the event of falls or unexpected accidents, and ensure that help is on the way.


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